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    Part A: Emotions???? It's not rocket science

    The end of humor in advertising?

    Věra Šídlová , Global Brand Manager, Creative, Kantar

    To be or not to be funny in a pandemic era? And how? Thanks to the facial coding method, we now know how people feel when they watch an advertisement. Do current ads touch the viewer's heart more than before? Has the pandemic changed the emotions that advertising evokes in us? A look at 50,000 ads over time will reveal how to evoke the right emotions during and after a pandemic. Věra Šídlová is the co-author of the study "Authentic empathy - How marketers should respond to COVID-19". She has been testing ads from Chile to Japan in Kantar for seven years. Currently she joined a global team and works on issues of advertising effectiveness. 

    Decoding Consumer Emotions – Creative Excellence using Neuromarketing

    Sorin Patilinet, Global Marketing Insights Director, Mars Wrigley

    In today’s cluttered media space, with rapidly changing audience behaviors, how can you build famous brands? What is the secret sauce that Mars used to build billion-dollar brands that appeal to billions of people? Neurosciences taught us that understanding attention, provoking emotions, and building memory structures work hand in hand. These findings work not just for Whiskas, Orbit, Snickers or M&M’s, they are universal and work for any brand and any category. Join this session to find out more about how you can inspire your brands to grow inside consumer minds.

    Panel discussion

    Best of Lemur: Czech Kids in Cyberspace

    Marie Mališková, CSR & Sponzoring, O2 Czech Republic

    This campaign by O2 affected almost every Czech and, thanks to it, people began to talk more about the dangers facing children in the Internet environment, including sexual abuse. The campaign  inspired Vít Klusák to shoot a documentary movie and the Ministry of Education, which is committed to actively spreading awareness in schools. The campaign reached the front pages of newspapers and was featured in television reports. Thanks to it, the rate of cyberbullying in the Czech Republic keeps deslining. The campaign is part of the brand's comprehensive CSR strategy and the O2 Smart School project.

    Complex Creativity

    Štěpán Kubišta, Director, Jatka78

    Creativity in the cultural sector is not just the end product that is created in a rehearsal room, on stage or in a studio. Creativity is a process - from an idea, through processing, to the way we present it to the customer, or the viewer. The situation of the last year has forced us to be creative more than ever, with the complexity of creativity. You have to figure out not only what, but mainly how and to whom to offer, and in our case how to sell your work. And this is a journey full of adventures. When you embark on it, you may end up with something, that you did not expect at all. Maybe a much bigger reach than you had a year ago.

    Emoce ve vzduchu: živé vystoupení Cirk La Putyka!!!!

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    Part B: How the hell do you get emotions to communication!!!???

    Interview: Everything you always wanted to know about music in advertising.

    Jiří Burian, Musician and Producer of Kapitán Demo

    How to create a movement

    Dáša Juríková, Director Brand Strategy and Development, Slovenská sporitelňa

    Every year, 2.4 billion EUR leave Slovakia for purchases abroad, either by card in brick-and-mortar stores or in e-shops. It is more than 450 million EUR just before Christmas! That is why last year before Christmas the largest Slovak bank decided to support domestic consumption in times of crisis with a large campaign #domanakupujem. The initiative evoked great emotions and motivated people to change their behavior. Within two months, more than 1,500 companies joined the movement to support the Slovak economy, and almost half of the respondents declared their motivation to buy at home. The Slovak Marketer of the Year will talk about how to create campaigns that move the entire society.

    Even the communication business can pull together

    Eduard Piňos, Founding Member , Cesta ven

    The communication industry in the Czech Republic is a highly competitive environment, but in the moment of greatest need it managed to unite and create a national campaign to support vaccination against COVID-19. What role do emotions play in the most important public health campaign in the Czech Republic in the last 30 years? Why are emotions important but not self-saving? How did we create the strategy and chose the right topics for communication? What role does symbolism play in the campaign? You will find out all this in the presentation of the initiator of this project, who also works as the head of digital for ŠKODA global marketing in the Optimist agency.

    Best of Lemur: Save the Lennon Wall!

    Jan Kučmáš, Partner, Ami Communications

    Pub crawls and vandalism of drunken tourists almost destroyed the famous Lennon Wall. In the story of the rescue of this symbol, the societal theme of overtourism was opened up. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the almost destroyed wall was transformed into an outdoor gallery. All this with the help of public figures who "love" the wall. Strong stories have captivated many journalists, including The Guardian, the BBC, the German, Spanish and Chinese media and active social media influencers.

    The legendary show is back! Presentation contest RIC PIC!

    Three speakers will try to creck the question "How to make PR more emotional?", each during just 6 minutes. 

    Václav Pavelka, Managing Partner, Native PR

    Dominik Hrodek, Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte Legal CZ

    Ondřej Kubala, presenter, Frekvence 1 

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    Part C: What would people say!!??

    Vyhlášení vítěze soutěže RIC PIC!

    Emoce ve vzduchu: živé vystoupení Cirk La Putyka!!!!

    Data in the time of emotions

    Tomáš Búřil, Commercial Director, Seznam

    How has the Czech Internet user behaved in the last year? What emotions prevailed in his shopping behavior? What did he or she click on, what did he read, what was he looking at? The Covid year from the point of view of Seznam data will be summarized in the lecture by Tomáš Búřil, who has been working in digital media for over 20 years. In 2002, he joined Seznam for the first time, and he returned to the position of sales director last year after a break of more than ten years.

    The brands you will remember

    Jiří Jón, Consulting Director, Ogilvy Consulting

    Petr Tomáš, Senior Research Manager, Wavemaker

    Do brands in the Czech Republic really deliver to their customers what they promise in their missions, visions and values? Which brands do Czechs see as unique within the classic categories? Which brands create experiences and memories? And how is the Czech Republic brand doing? A new study on the state of the Brand Experience in the Czech Republic seeks to answer these questions. You can find out the results directly from its authors.

    How to transform emotions into numbers and results not only in sports

    Tomáš Doležal, Head of Marketing & Communications CZ & SK, Mastercard

    Extreme concentration, hours on the computer, banging on table. Gaming and sports are about emotions. How to connect them with finance, a seemingly low interest category? Easily. Mastercard invests into emotional campaigns and experiences globally, and the support of the local sports scene thus fits wonderfully into this column. How do emotions work in games, how do you evoke emotions in your campaign, and how can you use them to strengthen your brand?

    Prague is not Brno. Village is not a satelite town!

    Petr Šimek, Managing Director, Wellen, člen sekce Aktivační agentury AKA

    Not only the price of goods or choice, but also social background, cultural environment or pride in where we come from can influence people's shopping behavior. Micro-localization of your marketing offers solutions, ie finding answers to the needs of specific people in different regions. We will look at how this trend works abroad and how it can be applied in our country. Four consecutive studies based on a representative sample of the Czech population will reveal to us what customers really expect not only from retailers and how they want to feel when shopping.

    Love the Hate. Understanding and Navigating Negative Emotions

    Quique Vivas, Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, Vodafone

    Leonard Savage, Chief Creative Officer, McCann Prague

    We live in a world where emotions, about everything, run high. Outrage, to outright hate seem to be aimed at every facet of our culture. Brands are no different. Advertising creativity is being scrutinized and judged like never before. Especially as audiences expect brands to increasingly take stronger and more emotional stands on a range of issues. How do we account for the risk of highly emotional reactions to our advertising? How do we survive the social S*!storm that might arise from provocative creative decisions? How do we learn to love the hate and embrace it as a powerful tool for breaking through into culture?