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Part A: Useful truths

Jan Patera, Partner, Blue Events

The truth about influencers

Jonáš Čumrik, Strategy & Idea Director, Notino

How has the perception of the world of influencers changed, especially due to the advent of TikTok? One of the Czech founders of influencer marketing will tell you what this means for cooperation with brands.

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Truth about media: What numbers you can still trust

Michal Ťoupalík, Head of Client Leadership, Marketup

Media data about your campaigns is getting more and more biased and can be interpreted in many ways. Nevertheless, you cannot do without them and it is important to work with them. How to better understand the context and not separate online and offline as two worlds? We will demonstrate on specific examples from practice.

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Truths about research: What the subconscious hides from us

Hana Kloučková, Confess Research, Founder & Innovation Scout

How much do the declared statements differ from the truth? How to uncover hidden prejudices that people don't talk about for various reasons. In case studies, we will show the functioning of methods that measure the subconscious and reveal valuable information that would remain hidden in the classical research. Come and see what Neuroscience, measuring the electrodermal activity of the skin or Reaction times can reveal.

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The truth about political communication

Magdaléna Frouzová, Press Spokesperson, Representation of the European Comission in CR

What are the hidden pitfalls of marketing in "selling" political ideals? What do marketers often get wrong ? We have for you a story from practice using the example of the (un)popularity of the European Union.

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The truth about vPR measurement

Patrik Schober, Managing Partner, PRAM Consulting

Investments are only for millionaires, right? On the contrary! For Porta, the first automated investment platform in our country, PRAM designed an educational campaign that generated 42 outputs in the media and brought in more than 300 new investors who invested 6.2 million CZK. This means that the PR investment paid off 25 times for the Port platform. The campaign won the Grand Prix at the Lemur competition – Czech PR Award.

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The Truth about Effective Advertising: A Behavioural Science Perspective

Richard Shotton, Founder, Astroten

There is an awful lot of marketing decission based on pretty shaking foundations. And awful lot of marketing theory is based on peoples intuition or their gut feeling. That's an awful place to be basing multimilion dollar decisions. Instead we need the firmer foundations of behavioral science. Behavioral science gets us the truth about what genuinly influences consumers. Because it is not based on anyones authority or gutfeeling, it is based on peer reviewed observed experiments.

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Part B: How to be real

Pavel Hacker

Brand communication must be based on actions, not just words

Jana Ptačinská, Communications Manager, Kofola ČeskoSlovensko
Ľubica Mieresová, Marketing Manager, Kofola ČeskoSlovensko

Kofola has been associated with love since many years. But is it possible to work authentically with love in marketing? And how does her perception change over time? The new Loving Friday campaign proves that PR and marketing go hand in hand in Kofola and that there is no dividing line between internal and external communication. Because what we want to say about the campaign on the outside must also apply on the inside.

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How to be real when brands don't want to be

Andy Sitta, Head of Seznam Brand Studio,

Clients don't want to be real/authentic in advertising, agree the world's largest publishers from the BBC to The NY Times. They don't want to build communication on real stories, they just want to say they are the best. This then goes against the philosophy of how media houses want to work with brands. Seznam has also been trying to show for several years that advertising can be done differently and still be successful. We simply don't have to mention the client in the first sentence.

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The end of half-truths in sustainable communication?

Martin Klofanda, Business Development, Impact Metrics

Will non-financial reporting (ESG) and the shift in sustainability legislation lead to some half-truths being eradicated and „green washing“ being reduced? How to look at sustainability through numbers and how to work with them to make them credible?

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RICPIC: Presentation competition on the topic: When will AI put PR and marketing out of work?

Martina Bechyňová, Head of Trolling & Creative Director, Liftago
Peter Šebo, Partner, PS:Digital
Tomáš Vitásek, Product Manager, Monitora Media

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How to win the next presentation competition

Marek Hrkal, Founder, odprezentuj

All presentations offer an opportunity to win. The competition doesn't even have to be announced, yet you're always fighting for the favor and attention of the audience. How does it go together with the Czech approach to get through the presentation and get it over with quickly? What unites successful presenters on the big stage, and where does the road lead?

Marek has been helping us prepare speakers for key conferences since 2019, and he will share with the visitors of the Communication Summit the experience he has gained not only from Blue Events.

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Part C: Responsible communication

Emma Smetana

Introductory word

Roman Číhalík, Co-founder, NELEŽ

Symbiosis between companies and NGOs in the fight against disinformation

Lucie Čejková, Team Leader, Fakescape

The fight against disinformation is a complex challenge. Cooperation between the non-profit sector and companies is key to success. In this presentation you will learn about the successful partnership between the O2 Foundation and the media-educational association Fakescape. A practical demonstration will also be included, which will allow conference participants to test whether they can recognize false information.

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Russion Information Walfare as a Security Threat – and How to Counter it

Jessikka Aro, author of the book Putin's Trolls

Jessikka will address the Kremlin’s information warfare, its central methods, channels and impact in people’s thinking – and sometimes even behaviour. We will learn the official Russian stand on information-psychological manipulation. In addition, we look at concrete examples of the Kremlin’s attacks against foreign populations. This presentation will provide you with handy tools to recognize and counter the Kremlin’s information aggression.

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Disinformation: A Philosophical Analysis

Benjamin Lange, philosopher, University of Munich

Ben’s talk will provide a philosophical and ethical perspective on disinformation, the ethical risks of harm that it poses to society amplified by recent advancements in generative AI, mechanisms to fight the spread of disinformation, and the role that communications professionals can play in this.

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Disinformation A, B, C

Richard Kuchta, Policy Officer, Democracy Reporting International

What exactly is disinformation? The meaning of this term has expanded significantly in recent years and has also often been confused with terms such as fake news or hoax. In this presentation, the concept of ABC (Actors, Behaviour, Content) will be introduced with practical examples. The ABC concept brings a broader approach to the problem and allows responding to new strategies used to spread deceptive and misleading information.

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Final panel discussion

Monika Ladmanová, Head of Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic
Siim Kumpas, Policy Officer, East StratCom Task Force
Jessikka Aro, author of the book Putin's Trolls

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