This year's communication Summit will take place on May 4, 2022 in the DOX+ venue

09:00 – 11:00

Part A: Meaningful Brands

Jan Patera, Partner, Blue Events

What makes a meaningful brand, that is not „one-use only“

Michal Vlasák, Director, Havas PR Prague

If brands disappeared from the world, would anybody bother? What makes a meaningful brand and what do the consumers expect? Michal will introduce the key facts from the global Havas Group study „Meaningful Brands“.

How to kickstart a responsible brand

Juraj Pobjecký, Head of Brand Strategy, Isadore

It is not very often that the campaign from Central Europe wins the European finals of the effective communication competition Effie. The Slovak cycling clothing brand Isadore, which builds on sustainability, succeeded. In the Cycling Struggles campaign it focused on sometimes humorous "stories of real cycling". Juraj won the "Marketer of the Year" award in Slovakia. His goal is to build an internationally strong, recognizable brand of cycling clothing.

Keynote: Making Brand Purpose Pay

Peter Field, Marketing and Advertising Professional, Consultant

Brand Purpose marketing communications have faced sharp criticism in recent years, often deservedly so. Peter, known as the "godfather of marketing effectiveness", will show that campaigns based on sustainable, social and other non-commercial goals play an important role for brands that are serious. But noble campaigns must be able to earn for themselves. Based on new knowledge and case studies, you will learn to use brand purpose in communication and at the same time succeed in the market.

Peter Field has 40 years of experience as a strategic planner and consultant. He is an internationally recognized and widely cited authority on marketing effectiveness and the author or co-author of many publications including The Long & The Short of it, Marketing in the Era of Accountability, Advertising in Recession - Long, Short or Dark ?, The Crisis in Creative Effectiveness, The 5 Principles of Growth in B2B Marketing and more.

Panel discussion: How to make a good business by doing good

Moderation: Lucie Mádlová, founder and managing director, Association of social responsibility

Petr Šmíd, Head of Brand Marketing CEE, Google 

Michaela Franeková, Managing Director, Unilever ČR/SR 

Gabriela Pithartová, Marketing and Engagement Director, Hello bank!  

David Pavel, co-founder, Pepperfield

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 – 13:30

Part B: Between meaningful and meaningless

Simona Babčáková, actress, moderator

Don‘t give up when it makes sense

Hana Kovářová, Director of Brand Strategy and Communication, Komerční banka

The topic of sustainability or ESG is used in commercial communications more often than ever before. Nevertheless, public reactions are not always positive and they severely punish every mistake. How to learn from it and improve the communication of this topic? And how can this topic strengthen or damage the brands communication?

Legal nonsense of real-time marketing

Petra Dolejšová, Lawyer,

The world has gone crazy in recent years. Wars, epidemics, political overtones – and brands can hardly stay away. What limits does the law give you to react to current events? What topics should belong to the social media and when you should not be afraid to take a stand? Let's look at the matter practically, based on examples, or simply let it make sense.

First aid done meaningfully

Martin Mravec, Strategic Partner, výzkumná agentura MNFORCE

There are things we think we know quite well. But how is it in reality? For example, a very large part of the population would not be able to provide first aid properly. Should it stay that way? Of course not. We have decided to put our hand to the work, which is why each of our projects now has a social dimension.

RICPIC: Presentation contest on the topic „How not to succumb to misinformation“

Tomáš Kriššák, Partnerships and Communities Manager, Gerulata Technologies

Tereza Bartoníčková, Founder and President, Internetový institut

Roman Číhalík, chairman of the association, NELEŽ

13:30 – 14:30


14:30 – 16:30

Part C: Ingredients of meaningful communication

Marek Hlavica, Director, AKA

From effective communication to longterm brand success

Štefan Sarvaš, Director Growth Legacy, Mars

You have a unique opportunity to draw on experiences in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing communication of brands like Snickers, Mars, Orbit, M&M's, Whiskas, Cesar, Royal Canin, Twix či Pedigree. You will learn which communication really sells, why i tis more than promotion, why creativity matters or how long can you use one brand tagline. Is earned media more important than owned? Learn the answers based on single source data. 

Creativity without borders

Kateřina Šachová, Creative Director and Co-owner, Papelote

At papelote, they believe that creativity is powerful. We are facing and will face challenges that we cannot even imagine yet. Creativity, the ability to solve problems creatively, thus becomes a vital necessity that needs to be developed. Daily. Creativity supplies energy and liberates, frees us from fear. It gives us the opportunity to see new solutions, new horizons. Can anyone be creative? And what does that actually mean? How to develop creativity? And why does it make sense?

Why your content marketing needs a data journalist

Kateřina Borovanská, CEO, FREYA, Fénix content marketing

Will the marketing and content team include the new role of Corporate data journalist? The transformation of corporate content in the last decade is strongly associated with digital communication tools. How will data change corporate content, projects and PR? How to link BI projects with corporate content?

Non-commercial projects as the key to brand trust

Marek Vomočil, PR Leader, IKEA ČR, Maďarsko, Slovensko

How to build brand trust through non-commercial projects? This is a theme for the award-winning campaign For a safe home, in which IKEA together with non-profit and academic partners supports victims of domestic violence.

Launch of a new data and information marketplace for the communication industry

Ondřej Novák, Managing Director, Asociace mediálních agentur (ASMEA)
Robert Pergl, Department of Software Engineering, FIT ČVUT

Introduction of a new platform that will offer the most effective orientation in data and information sources from the areas of marketing, media and communication.

The web platform allows you to download freely available data and information resources and purchase data and other information resources. Let's baptize her together!

16:30 – 18:00