What does (not) work in communication today?

May 29, 2019 - DOX+, Praha

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What is Communication Summit?
Communication Summit is a perfect platform, where all parties meet together: both clients - representatives of companies and institutions, alongside with communication, media and PR agencies.
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Whom will you meet at the Communication Summit?


Over three hundred participants from top companies are registered for Communication Summit 2019 that is held in 2 weeks, on 29th May, in DOX +,...

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Communications Departments are in Anticipation of a Big Inventory


Participants of the Communication Summit 2019 (to be held on May 29 in a new space + DOX in Prague) will get a unique opportunity to verify the...

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Brand Management 2018 about brands in a post-truth Era: Having no opinion is not a benefit


Can brands be nowadays neutral in their opinion? Just very hard. And such attitude will probably bring nothing good for them in the future....

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Atmosphere of Communication Summit 2018


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