• 08:30 – 09:00
    Registration of participants

  • 09:00 – 11:00
    A. One Message, Common Profit

    Chair: Marek Hlavica, Executive Chairman, AKA and Managing Director, PIAF

    Trends, strategies, international inspiration for consistent communication across all channels

    Integrated Communication in Connected World

    Tomáš Varga, CEO Central Europe, Publicis One

    Fear of Advertising – Importance of Being Scared Before Launching a Campaign

    Björn Ståhl, Executive Creative Director, INGO, the part of Grey and Ogilvy network and President of the Jury, PIAF 2018

    How to Materialize Internet (Examples of the Best European Cross-functional Google Projects)

    Alžběta Houzarová, Communications Manager CZ & SK, Google

    Report on (Non)Media Communication Channels

    David Čermák, Chairman of the Section of Activation Agencies, AKA and CEO, Momentum

    Lucie Vlčková, Senior Research Manager, Nielsen Admosphere

    Conclusions of the research from the view point of practitioners (discussion minipanel):

    David Vejtruba, Marketing Director, Solvent

    Ondřej Svatoň, Marketing and Communication Director, Skanska

  • 11:00 – 11:30
    Coffee / Tea Break

  • 11:30 – 13:30
    B. Purpose and Profit: How to Link It Optimally?

    Chair: Jan Patera, Consultant, Blue Events

    Case studies documenting that the good quality communication brings both profit and social benefits

    Short-and long-term effects of communication: Harmony or contradiction?

    Petra Průšová, CEO for CEE, Kantar Insight

    Jana Šmejcová, Senior Business Planner, Kantar CZ

    Whoppers & creativity: How to win in a hyper competitive market using cross channel communication

    Iwo Zakowski, General Manager, Burger King Sweden

    Brand, good and business. Is there a real penetration, or is it just a pose?

    Martin Woska, Chief Creative & Strategy Director, Triad

    Markéta Plichtová, Social Network Manager, Soda Magazine, O2

    Education to defend against the media and information manipulation

    Šimon Pánek, Director and Co-Creator, Člověk v tísni

  • 13:30 – 14:15
    Business Lunch, Networking

  • 14:15 – 16:30
    C. Specialized paralel sections

    C1. Money Talks

    Moderated by

    Tomáš Krásný, Partner, Blue Events

    How to quantify the effects of communication? And how to communicate effectively?


    Dušan Cút, Sr. Specialist, Media Planning&Campaigns, ATL and Retail Communications, Vodafone

    Hana Huntová, Executive Director, SIMAR

    Renata Rosendorfská, Analytics & Insight Director, Wavemaker

    Lucie Srbková, Account Director, McCann

    Miroslav Tesař, Sales and Customer Care Director, ALZA cz

    Lukáš Vynikal, Member of Advisory Board, IdeaSense

    C2. Advertising 5.0

    Moderated by

    Jan Patera, Consultant, Blue Events

    Advertising in the post-digital phase. What to do when it comes evident that digital tools are not self-sustaining 


    Jakub Hodboď, Strategy Director, Ogilvy & Social.Lab (USA)

    Michal Kroupa, Marketing Manager, IKEA

    Zoltán Károly Palotai, Managing Director, trnd CEE

    Martin Pešta, Managing Director, Geometry Prague and representative, Association of Activation Agencies

    Jan Podzimek, Head of PRIA

    C3. PR Sample 2018+

    Moderated by

    Denisa Hejlová, Head of the Chair of Marketing Communication & PR, Charles University

    The role of PR in the world requiring results. Digitalisation and convergence with the marketing – local and international experience 


    Lenka Čábelová, PR & CSR Manager, Microsoft

    Alžběta Fridrichová, Managing Director, ADison

    Ján Kondáš, Head of Communications, TESCO

    Martin Mazag, President, Association of PR in Slovakia

    C4. The Hardest Nut

    Moderated by

    Marek Zeman, Communications Director, Czech National Bank

    Communication in the public sector. How to cultivate public debate 


    Martin Dolejš, Head of Commerce Development CZ&SK, Mastercard

    Radek Holý, Spokesperson, The National Cyber and Information Security Agency

    Věra Palkovská, Mayor, City of Třinec

    Tomáš Rákos, Co- Establisher, D21

    Radek Sazama, Retail Chamber Director, Czech Confederation of Commerce

    Adam Švejda, Director for External Relations, IPR – The Prague Institute of Planning and Development

  • 16:30 – 18:00
    Cocktail, Networking

  • 18:00 – 20:00

    (Show of the Best Cases brought by the Creative Contest PIAF and Award Ceremony)

  • 20:00
    Let´s Party!!!