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Jaroslav Kábele

Since October 2017 he has been the Head of Strategy and Development of Czech News Agency (ČTK). His tasks include the development of new services and products of the largest Czech news agency, searching for new opportunities not only in the media market and managing innovations. After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism at Charles University in 1989 he began to work as a reporter in the Czech News Agency. After almoust four years, he moved to MF DNES and worked as an editor and a head of regional news. Later he was one of the founders of the news site. He was its first editor-in-chief for seven years, later he became a director. Since 2013, he served as Director for New Opportunities and Development, where he was mainly involved in the search for online acquisitions for the Mafra Media Group.

At the Communication Summit 2019, he will focus on the relationship between a news agency, media and PR agencies. He will explain the importance of non-media services for ČTK and outlines trends abroad. Jaroslav will raises the idea that "PR is not an enemy" in the sense that introduction of new non-media services by ČTK, especially Protext and new video services, does not mean competition for established PR agencies, but rather a new tool for them.