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Mark Cichon

Originally Mark studied Business & Marketing at the University of South Australia under the leadership of Byron Sharp where he was first exposed to evidence based marketing principles. After graduation he continued his development as an International Strategist and Managing Director in advertising agencies both in Australia and Central Europe (DDB, TBWA). After 10 years in Prague on the agency side Mark joined Mars Confectionary being responsible for the Gum portfolio management (Wrigley) and developed strategies that brought the category back to growth based on the principles of Ehrenberg Bass Institute and the evidence based learnings from Les Binet and Peter Field.

For the past three years Mark has been working as a freelance strategist, collaborating both with marketers to help them identify genuine brand & business growth opportunities and with communications agencies to help them become a collaborative and respected business partners to their clients. He also published a key study on agency and marketing colloboration titled ’The Truth About Cats & Dogs’

In his presentation Mark will explore the ever growing complexity of the customer journey and will suggest that marketing can actually be more effective if we focus on simplicity and fundamentals. Stop worrying about the obsession with customisation of the user experience and focus more on getting the basics right - make sure your product or service has enough mental and physical availability, has a high level of distinctiveness and reaches enough people with its message, at least once. Mark will share the fundamental aspects of mental and physical availability, and suggest an inventory of elements that should be prioritised, metrics to be measured and the role of a marketer and an agency in this challenge.