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Michal Panocha

Orkla Foods ČR/SR

Since 2011 he has been with the Vitana company, the last four years he has served as marketing director. Now after the merger of Hamé and Vitana, he became the marketing director of Orkla Foods Czech Republic and Slovakia. Vitana is doing well, last year increased its profit, mainly due to the support of the spice category, especially barbecue season products, a and other new products like the palm oil free soups. Last year, the company launched 46 new products, this year the plans are to introduce almost hundred new products.

Vitana is a traditional Czech food brand and its parent company is celebrating 100 years anniversary this year. However, it´s communication is far from tradition. Since 2015, it has been making full use of digital channels and its campaigns can be watched on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms alongside TV and POS. For Communication Summit 2019, Michal prepared a joint presentation with the agency MarketUP, which has been providing digital communication for both Vitana and Hamé for the sixth year.