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Michal Nýdrle


In 2004, Michal Nýdrle founded the digital agency Nydrle, and since then he has been operating in the Czech advertising and marketing industry. Later he also created a larger group of digital suppliers Kindred Group. Nydrle became a part of it in 2016 and Kindred developed into the largest independent communication group in the Czech Republic. In 2018, together with his Kindred partners, he sold it to the Publicis Groupe, the third largest global communications group. Michal became a member of the management of the Publicis Czech subsidiary where he is mainly devoted to the development of digital activities.

In his presentation Michal Nýdrle describes how technology and data platforms have turned the advertising world upside down. They determine not only what advertising, where and to whom will display, but also play an increasingly important role in generating insights. The good news is that it works. But it's not for free. A combination of creativity, data and technology requires a change in the way of thinking and working. From both agencies and clients. Michal has great experience in this respect. He is also involved in the Association of Communication Agencies, where he initiated the creation of a new “Business Transformation Club & Award”.