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Tomáš Prouza

In 2018 he was elected as the President of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism. It represents over 6,000 entrepreneurs creating more than 500,000 jobs, thus beeing the second largest employer association in the Czech Republic. In 2014 – 2017, Tomáš Prouza worked as the State Secretary for European Affairs at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. He was a coordinator of the Czech Digital Agenda. Before joining the Office of the Government he worked at the World Bank, first as a financial services expert in Prague, later as a senior expert in Washington. In 2004 – 2006 he was the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic. In 2000 he founded the largest personal finance website

At the Communication Summit 2019, his presentation will focus on the need of a state administrativ to explain in detail its complicated agenda, the need to communicate with journalists actively and to look for specific benefits of government action for Czech citizens.