About Summit

Communication and PR managers are also increasingly in charge of CSR and sustainability. This year's Communication Summit on May 4, 2022 with the subtitle "Make it meaningful " is intended especially but not exclusivelly for them.

Blue Events has been organising the Communication Summit since 2018 with the mission to break the silos and get all communication profesionals from marketing and PR together. The Association of Communication Agencies supports the event alongside with number of commercial partners. It quickly became the top meeting of professionals in the field and an ideal platform for the exchange of views between client representatives and agencies.

The first two years were held with the personal participation of the audience and attracted a total of 800 participants. The last two were broadcasted in hybrid form, attracting a total of 600 viewers and earning the title of "best virtual conference". Les Binet, Richard Shotton, Sorin Patilinet and other marketing and communication stars have been speakers at the Communication Summit in the past.

In 2022, we return to the "face-to-face" form and invite you to the DOX+ hall again.

Why Attend?

Tradition: We are not greenhorns. We have been organising our own conferences for three decades. We enjoy it and we know how to do it. Our events are among the most important in the Czech Republic.

Face-to-face: Here you will meet the right people. Personal meetings have never been as valuable as they are today.

Mission: Let’s break the silos and get all communication profesionals together. We believe that quality communication leads to better financial results and a wider social impact.

See what's on the agenda this year.

"Great crowd, great content. I loved the way the Blue Events crew manage to compliment the big set-piece presentation with an intimate seminar for select clients. Inspiring and fun!"
Les Binet, Group Head of Effectiveness, adam&eveDDB (about 2019)

"It was one of the most professional conferences I've been to, not to mention the brutal conditions under which you organized it."
Petra Dolejšová, lawyer (about 2020)

"I'm also happy how Blue Events managed to keep the conference show going despite the obstacles of the time. It was very interesting for me to see the backstage."
Václav Pavelka, Managing Partner, Native PR (about 2021)

How do we meet?

From the beginning, we invest in the fact that the conference can take place with the personal participation of the audience in compliance with security rules and current government measures. The speakers will present live in the hall, or discuss together. You can also look forward to workshops and a final cocktail.

What´s On?

About Summit

Are you ready to cut everything meaningless out of your communication? Most brands struggle with the fact that their content is not perceived by people as relevant. At the same time, consumers expect much more. Not only do they want meaningful communication, but they judge companies by the broader social impact their business has. In addition to economic growth, more and more brands are setting goals in the areas of health, the environment, sustainability, inclusion and more. They don't have to save the world right away, but they can help people improve their lives, push them to do the right decisions. How to become a meaningful brand? When is it good to communicate zour "meaning" of „purpose“? And how to do it best? Is it effective nowadays? How can this help my brand? What are the pitfalls?

Havas Group‘s "Meaningful Brands" study found that up to 77% of brands could disappear and no one would miss them. We live in an age of cynicism, when people no longer believe what brands promise. Those whose business makes more sense than profit and sales get the benefit. Perceived as changing the world for better, they perform 134% better than stock markets, and their share of consumer spending is growing. People globally declare that they want to "vote with their wallet" and buy from meaningful brands. And at a higher price. What is our Czech reality? How to convincingly get a meaningful dimension in purchasing decisions?

The program will include both strategic approaches to the topic of meaningful brands and specific case studies from home and abroad. We will also publish a lot of research on how clients and communication agencies can work together more meaningful today.

Who Attends?

The Summit is visited by Marketing and PR Directors, Managers and Specialists, as well as CEOs.

The first two years of the Summit were visited mainly by clients. They came from sectors like FMCG, retail, industrial production, public institutions, finance and more. We have also seen a significant number of attendees coming from PR, advertising, research, consulting and media agencies.