About Summit

Blue Events has been organising the Communication Summit since 2018 with the mission to break the silos.

Let's bring together all communication professionals, whether they work in marketing or PR, in different agencies or with clients.

Les Binet, Richard Shotton, Sorin Patilinet and other marketing and communication stars have been speakers at the Communication Summit in the past.

Why Attend?

Tradition: We are not greenhorns. We have been organising our own conferences for three decades and they belong to the most important in the Czech Republic.

Face-to-face: Here you will meet the right people. Personal meetings have never been as valuable as they are today.

Mission: We believe that quality communication leads to better financial results and a wider social impact. 

Last year was sold out two weeks before the event, so hurry up to register here, capacity is limited!

What do last year's participants say?

Thank you for persevering, for doing this type of event, and for leaving feeling like you had a well-filled day.

One of the best programs.

I leave with a lot of notes.

Finally Offline.

Connecting communication with other areas that are also related is great.

I appreciate the case studies.

Interesting and current topics, great moderation by Mrs. Babčáková and Mr. Hlavica.

What's On?

About Summit

Topic of the year 2023: Let's be real

The communication of brands and institutions must be "authentic", especially at a time when nothing is forgiven and nothing is hidden. Let's be real.

But do we really know the truth?

The truth about how the media works today? The truth about what advertising sells? The truth about how people make decisions and what they pay attention to? The truth about crisis and crisis communication? The truth about fakenews? The truth about sustainability? The truth about influencers? The truth about TikTok's success? …

What will help all of us to be real in our communication? That's what the 6th Communication Summit will be about, again in the DOX+! PR and marketing communication under one roof!

About Summit

Who is the Keynote Speaker?

Richard Shotton

He specialises in applying behavioural science to marketing and works with a wide variety of brands, including Google, Mondelez, BrewDog and Barclays.

The author of The Choice Factory explains how behavioural science can solve business challenges. It has sold more than 70,000 copies in 12 languages. His latest book on the topic, The Illusion of Choice, has just been released

In 2021 he was made an honorary fellow of the IPA and an associate of the Moller Institute, Churchill College, Cambridge University.

About Summit

Responsible Communication

Part of the program will be also the topic of „Responsible Communication“ in cooperation with Nelež. Their goal is to limit the spread of disinformation across the internet. They alert advertisers that their advertisements may appear in a negative context and thus jeopardise the reputation of the advertised brand itself. Advertisers are asked not to fund misinformation and manipulative websites whose content divides society.

Who Attends?

The Summit is visited by Marketing and PR Directors, Managers and Specialists, as well as CEOs.

The Summit is visited mainly by clients. They came from sectors like FMCG, retail, industrial production, public institutions, finance and more. We have also seen a significant number of attendees coming from PR, advertising, research, consulting and media agencies.

Quotes about Communication Summit

Great crowd, great content. I loved the way the Blue Events crew manage to compliment the big set-piece presentation with an intimate seminar for select clients. Inspiring and fun!

Les Binet, Group Head of Effectiveness, adam&eveDDB (about 2019)

It was one of the most professional conferences I've been to, not to mention the brutal conditions under which you organized it.

Petra Dolejšová, lawyer (about 2020)

I'm also happy how Blue Events managed to keep the conference show going despite the obstacles of the time. It was very interesting for me to see the backstage.

Václav Pavelka, Managing Partner, Native PR (about 2021)