About Summit

We want emotions now! Because emotions do sell. Currently we lack positive feelings, much like personal encounters. How to convey emotions today? How to return emotions to marketing and PR communication? How to combine art & science and achieve the best by using creativity, data and technology? This is the main idea of the Communication Summit 2021 organized by Blue Events with the support of the Association of Communication Agencies, Lemur - Czech Public Relations Awards, and other partners.

This year's theme builds on previous years of the Communication Summit, such as the "Big Inventory" from 2019, when the legendary Les Binet first appeared in front of a large audience in Prague, or the 2020 theme "Talk like humans ", with Richard Shotton, the author of The Choice Factory.

Why Attend?

Communication Summit is an ideal platform for exchanging views among client representatives from both companies and institutions on one side and the agency representatives (including PR, advertising, research, consulting and media) on the other side. A total of 800 people attended the first two years of the Communication Summit, which quickly became the top meeting of professionals in the field of marketing and PR communication.

The year 2020 took place online due to the pandemic situation and was viewed by three hundred participants. If you believe that higher financial results and social impacts can be achieved through quality communication, then you must not miss the current 4th year of the summit. The event will take place in a format that current epidemiological measures will allow, but always in a conference hall with "live" presentations and discussions.

"The best virtual conference I've attended this year."

"Well-chosen compromise between offline and video conferencing."

"Very good response from moderators to questions or comments in the application."

"Thumbs up for the organization, finally a online event where the living rooms of the presenters were not seen."

How will the event take place?

We have designed the conference as a combination of online and in-person participation. We broadcast the program live from the conference hall. The speakers will present live directly in the hall, or discuss together. Depending on the current situation, we can open the hall to the participants in compliance with NOCOVID safety rules. Unless necessary, we do not connect speakers via video conference calls. We try to make the most of the atmosphere of a live conference. Our audience is usually very active and asks many questions online.

In September 2020, in compliance with strict security rules, we have allready held the first so-called "hybrid conference" with some of the participants present in the hall and parts connected online. This form proved to be a meaningful compromise. For the time being, we are also counting on this variant for Communication Summit 2021. It is also possible to have a variant of the online program and subsequent afternoon networking.

What´s On?

Emotional campaigns have a long-lasting business effect. It surpasses rational persuasion campaigns, which, on the other hand, are better used in short-term tactical sales campaigns. People can't help but tend to trust more the messages of brands that are emotionally closer to them. They also forgive them a lot, even if they are confronted with negative PR. We don't remember so many specific facts and figures about brand offers, but we remember the feelings associated with the brand.

How do I apply all this in my work as a client or agency? Here is a man who has the answer: Sorin Patilinet, Mars-Wrigley's Global Marketing Insights Director, the keynote speaker of Communication Summit 2021. He helps brands like M&M's, Snickers, Pedigree, Whiskas or Orbit to attract attention and evoke emotions in their communication. He believes great marketing is both art & science. For the fifth year in a row, his team in a "communication lab" has been using neuroscience to examine human attention and reactions to various brand communication. By comparing the sales impact of 4,000 campaigns, he also knows how an effective ad must look like today.

According to Patilinet, the attention paid to advertising, especially in the online world, is declining and the clients are to blame for it. As a result, due to the advertising clutter, people are not willing to pay you more than a few seconds of their attention. In addition to the importance of scientific findings, Patilinet also relies on the power of creativity and ideas from communication agencies. You can learn more about his opinions on the Engineering Marketing blog.

Who Attends?

The Summit is visited by Marketing and PR Directors, Managers and Specialists, as well as CEOs.

The first two years of the Summit were visited mainly by clients. They came from sectors like FMCG, retail, industrial production, public institutions, finance and more. We have also seen a significant number of attendees coming from PR, advertising, research, consulting and media agencies.