About the Conference

Do you know for sure, what does and what doesn't work in communication today? It is time for Big Inventory!

That's the main topic of Communication Summit 2019 – a joint project of Blue Events and PIAF (Prague International Advertising Festival).

What is Communication Summit?

Do you want to achieve better results with your marketing communication? This is the right event for you! It is a perfect platform, where all parties meet together: both clients - representatives of companies and institutions, alongside with communication, media and PR agencies. What are we offering? Information, inspiration and energy! You can hear the best practises from the key players and personalities on the market and discuss new approaches with them.

What is it about?

We all have access to the huge arsenal of communication tools and strategies. But what about their expiration dates? The digital revolution has increased the potential effectiveness of most forms of marketing including traditional media. But the actual effectiveness has declined since the global financial crisis.

There are so many ways to screw it up! They are at least 66, as counted by our Keynote Speaker Les Binet in his book „How Not to Plan“. We believe you can learn a lot from studying things that didn´t work. But you don´t have to try everything first-hand. Luckily you can get ahead of this - thanks to Communication Summit 2019!

Who is it for?

The Summit is intended for Marketing and PR Directors, Managers and Specialists, as well as for CEOs who recognise the value of effective Communication.

The first year of Communication Summit was attended mainly by representatives of Communication and PR Agencies, Public Administration, Finance, Heavy Industry, Construction, Utility, Retail, Hospitality and others.